Just in time for the weekend – here’s the legendary NME crossword

Time to test your musical knowledge

Just how good is your musical knowledge? Well let’s put it to the test with this week’s NME crossword! Compiled, as ever, by Trevor Hungerford, print it off, take it down the pub, and let’s see how many of his devilishly tricky clues you can crack.

Here are the answers to last week’s crossword — how many did you get?



1 My Doorbell, 6+36A Ring Ring, 8+22A I Hear You Knocking, 9+34A Vossi Bop, 10 Over Rising, 12 Used, 14 Ogden, 15 Miami, 18 Echoes, 19 Lark, 26 Ebb, 28+30A So Young, 31 Reward, 35+24A Venus And Mars.


1 Maid Of Orleans, 2 Die, 3 Our Frank, 4 Blossoms, 5 Lovegame, 6 Rescue, 7 Noise, 11 Eldorado, 13 DMA’s, 16 Ice Cube, 17 Toxic, 20 Once, 21 Halo, 23 Gold, 25 Sense, 27 Bros, 29 Orb, 30 Yep, 32 War, 33 Run.