Brighton’s Thyla mix elements of Blondie and Interpol on electrifying pop hit ‘Pristine Dream’

A delightful rush awaits

As we launch NME Emerging – a platform where unsigned acts can build up and manage a profile page for their music, right here on NME – we’ll be shining a light on of the new profiles each week that stood out against the rest. If you sign up, you could end up right here on, just like this week’s pick, Thyla. Here’s what you need to know about them.

From: Brighton

Sounds like: The new guard breaking down and wilfully incorporating New Wave, Post-Punk, Nu-Romantics into pop for the 21st century.

For fans of: The Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Interpol

Why you’re going to love them: Nothing beats that rush. The sugary, giddy feeling you get when a song completely takes over your world for just four minutes. One listen to Thyla’s ‘Pristine Dream’, and we’re certain you’ll feel it too.

It’s not quite the Brighton four-piece’s debut song, but it is certainly their best. Channelling the New Wave/’80s mechanics of bands like Blondie, and giving it a 21st century makeover by the means of Savages – they’ve crafted a delightful and timeless pop banger that you’ll be humming for days.

‘Ferris Wheels’, meanwhile is a piledriving and twisted take that reeks of Interpol, but has all the energy of ‘90s heroes, Lush. A bold cocktail that we’re so into.

Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheels, a song by Thyla on Spotify

I will never be your pristine dream” singer Millie Duthie croons on ‘Pristine Dream’ that will speak to the outsider and chance-taker inside of you. “I’ve tied my fate to a piece of string, and it pleases me,” she continues – but to be honest, their future looks pretty rosy from where we’re sitting.

Best track: ‘Pristine Dream’

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