Bastille's Dan Smith

30 Seconds To Greatness: Bastille’s Dan Smith

As part of our #LifeHacks initiative in partnership with the University of Salford, NME is asking prominent figures from the creative industries to give an insight into their career journeys.

The ’30 Seconds To Greatness’ video series will feature a bitesize piece of advice, or a lesson learned, from people who have made it to the top in music, fashion, film, tech, and other creative industries.

After NME’s Editor-in-Chief Mike Williams spoke about how he got started in the highly competitive world of music journalism, this time Bastille frontman Dan Smith talks to us about how to succeed in songwriting. His message: practice makes perfect.

“When it comes to songwriting, I think it’s important to just keep writing and keep writing,” Smith told NME. “Be really, really self-critical, and don’t be afraid to take apart your song and take elements from different songs to bring them into the same ones.”

He added: “The only advice I can give is to be incredibly hard on yourself and keep writing loads and loads and loads.”