30 Seconds To Greatness: London’s Night Czar Amy Lamé

As part of our #LifeHacks initiative in partnership with the University of Salford, NME is asking prominent figures from the creative industries to give an insight into their career journeys.

The ’30 Seconds To Greatness’ video series will feature a bitesize piece of advice, or a lesson learned, from people who have made it to the top in music, fashion, film, tech, and other creative industries.

This time, our words of wisdom come from Amy Lamé, who was appointed by mayor Sadiq Khan as London’s first ‘Night Czar’ in November 2016. As Amy says, “If it happens in the dark in London, it’s my business.”

Here, she shares a life lesson she learned after arriving in London a little over 20 years ago and realising there was nothing happening on London’s club scene that felt quite right for her.