Here’s what happened at NME #Lifehacks’ ‘The Future of Storytelling’

NME’s latest #Lifehacks event with the University of Salford took place in Liverpool last week, with Ben Gallop, Head of Radio and Digital at BBC Sport, joining NME’s Senior Staff Writer Leonie Cooper to talk about how to make it in sports media. Before a live audience at the Learning Exchange in Liverpool, they discussed how to stand out to potential employers, the importance of being active on social media and what a job at BBC Sport actually entails.

The Future of Storytelling Lifehacks event

Ben started by explaining how he started out in the industry with an internship at his local paper in London, and then worked his way up to get his job at BBC Sport; but added that in the digital age there are loads of different ways to have your talent spotted: “Previously there were very set routes in to this industry. A lot of people that we would have recruited would have come through local radio they would have done internship, and worked their way up, and that’s still a really important route, and it’s a fantastic training ground for people to get broadcasting and production skills. But of course the absolute explosion in digital media has changed that. So now you can spot talent through blogs, through vlogs, through all kinds of different areas, where people can take their own content, take themselves and put it out there front and centre.”

The Future of Storytelling Lifehacks event

He went on to give his top tips on making yourself employable, saying that in job interviews you need to “make sure you know what the people on the other side of the table wanna hear from you” and reiterating that you have to make sure it comes across that you care. When asked about cover letters, Ben said “don’t go for the standard letter of introduction – personalise it. Say what it is you like about the place you want to work.”

If you missed the event, you can watch the entire thing back below:

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