Black Honey Spook Us Out With New Song ‘Ghost’

Need a spooky new song to get you ready for the Halloween weekend? Of course you do. Here we present to you Black Honey’s aptly titled new track ‘Ghost’, which is out now.

It acts as the B-Side to previous belter ‘Hello Today’ and was revealed by the band on Beats 1 last night, alongside a revealing chat with DJ Julie Adenuga. Frontwoman Izzy B Philips shared that the song is actually an old live favourite that they’ve finally finished on record. “It’s one that we wrote years ago, and I think the actual draft of it is maybe the 8th time we recorded it.” Phillips said.

“It fits perfectly with ‘Hello Today’ because ‘Ghost’ is about the lingering essence, or that taste you have in your mouth after some weird, twisted collision you have with other people like a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or when you’re left at the roadside thinking ‘what just happened? What was that?’ This ghost is following you.”

So not only is it a fitting tune for this weekend, it finds the group on mysterious and riff-heavy form, one that effortlessly improves with each release.

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