QTY Keep Their Strike Rate Up With The Beautiful ‘World Breaker’

The NYC newcomers follow up their debut track with another piece of perfection

In October, NYC newcomers QTY floored us with their flawless first move in the form of ‘Rodeo’. Today (December 5), they’ve shared the single’s b-side and guess what? It’s just as perfect.

“Good luck with being haunted,” sings Dan Lardner as ‘World Breaker’ begins its slow stomp. It’s the first chance to really hear Alex Niemetz’s voice and how the two interact together, and it’s one of the sweetest sounding call-and-responses we’ve heard in a long time, her soft, slightly husky hushes warmly complementing his drawl.

Like ‘Rodeo’, ‘World Breaker’ has the ability to make you grin like a lunatic. It’s effortlessly beautiful – a simple, unfussy piece that sparkles and glows. It also has the ability to reduce you to nothing more than a bawling mess, though – there’s a desperation and despair to it that’s understated but potent. It’s there in lines like “waking up to get some caffeine and find somebody for the weekend” and the “bathroom stalls” and “seedy bars” listed along the way. It’s there in the contrast between the pretty, twinkling piano and the grubby guitar lines. It’s there in the pair’s voices, a kind of subtle weariness that takes a few listens to show its hand.


Whatever emotions it draws from you, though, there’s no denying QTY are keeping their strike rate way up. The next 12 months just got a hell of a lot more exciting with the prospect of having these two around.

Listen to ‘World Breaker’ below. ‘Rodeo’/’World Breaker’ is released on December 16 via Dirty Hit.

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