New Music Of The Day: QTY – ‘Dress/Undress’

The New York newcomers return with a stunning second single

QTY might just be the best new band to emerge in the last six months. Their debut single ‘Rodeo’ saw them instantly win over everyone who heard it with its heart-burstingly joyous approach. ‘World Breaker’, its flipside, upped the ante even more and the duo’s first live performance last month was, by all accounts, a total triumph.

That brings us to today (February 27) and Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz further cementing their place in our hearts. They’ve shared their second single ‘Dress/Undress’ with the world and, boy, has it got us jonesing even harder for a full album. It’s another astonishingly flawless cut that it seems impossible to get sick off – even an hour of having it on repeat won’t have you reaching for the stop button, trust us.

In a typewritten press release, the band explain the title is a “metaphor for what comes between dressing in the morning and undressing at night.” It’s rooted in self-doubt, Lardner singing “Puffed out my chest/talentless” in the chorus with a resigned sigh, although the brightness of the guitars and Niemetz’s vocals might try and fool you into thinking otherwise. In other words, it does that classic thing of dressing up the negative in something quite the opposite, and it does it brilliantly.

Get obsessed with it below and make sure you grab the 7″ when it’s released on April 28 via Dirty Hit.