A Grave With No Name – Free Download

So the Big Pink just set off on their first proper UK headline tour, and they took these guys with them. Which makes perfect sense. They’re called A Grave With No Name.

A Grave With No Name
In ‘the zone’ as it would seem

In their minds their soundtracking a blood-red sun exploding onto the horizon of sleepy Big Country ranch somewhere near a canyon like Wyoming, like a colossal lava lamp spilling over an episode of the Waltons. In reality they’re kicking mauled fried chicken carcasses down New Cross high street in south east London, trying to avoid eye-contact with the deranged old Nigerian tramp who’s repeatedly barking “RIGHTEOUS!” to himself as he massages his own testicles through his stained grey jogging bottoms. I think both elements are audible. It’s available on the forthcoming compilation from the No Pain In Pop label, along with songs from lots of other great bands, so keep ears perked up for that.


And We Parted Ways At Mount Jade. (Click the track name, dummy).


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