After His Striking Track ‘Hostage’, Klangstof Returns With Two More Eclectic New Songs

I blogged Klangstof’s song ‘Hostage’ with some excitement back in January. A lilting, confident track, it made me think of the gentler moments that turned Radiohead such a world-beating band back in the day. As debuts go, it was pretty beguiling.

This week, the band – fronted by Norwegian mainman Koen van de Wardt – are back with two brand new songs, ‘Amansworld’ (a “weird song” born of a hip hop sample) and ‘Island’, which Koen calls “the purest moment” on his forthcoming album, ‘Close Eyes To Exit’. That record is due out later this year on Mind Of A Genius, but for now, you can stream both new songs below, along with some words from the man himself about each.

Koen van de Wardt: “‘Amansworld’ was a very weird song for me. It has three parts that don’t really connect with each other. I was just playing around with a simple hip-hop beat, Casio arpeggio, and recorded weird wobbles and noises with my Korg MS20. For the vocal part I wanted to write a love song, but didn’t realise what I had actually written until it was finished. It must have been the worst attempt of writing a love song. Ever.

“‘Island’ was a song that had been around for ages. I actually released a version back in 2011 that got a bit of airplay in Norway. Back then I used a cracked version of Ableton Live that would crash all the time, and had one of those cheap USB mics. It sounded horrible, but I remember David and Azad (from Mind Of A Genius Records) loving it when I showed them some old demos. They made me realise that the song actually had a lot of potential.

“When we were re-recording ‘Island’ last year, it turned out to be absolutely amazing. We had such a proud moment with the band. We went in to do the first recording, and six and a half minutes later came out, blown away by what we just did. We kept the whole take and I later added the vocals to it. It is definitely the purest moment on the album.”