Watch Alaina Castillo play ‘Tonight’ and ‘Just A Boy’ for NME Home Sessions

The Texas-born singer joins us from home for a special live performance

Listening to Alaina Castillo‘s ‘The Voicenotes’ EP is like taking a peek inside the Texas-born singer’s diary. Fusing intimate and honest songwriting with stripped-back arrangements that put Castillo’s velvety vocals front and centre, it’s a gorgeous collection of songs.

‘Just A Boy’, the EP’s opening number, is “about a boy, who is just a boy, which is a fuck boy and a piece of shit and someone who lies to you, and now you have trust issues — so this is what’s going on inside your head,” Castillo explains of the story behind the track.

For this week’s NME Home Session, Castillo dials in to deliver an exclusive performance of ‘Just A Boy’ for us, as well as performing a special rendition of her most recent single ‘Tonight’. You can watch the entire session above.


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