Australia Rising: Alex Lahey on the most exciting new acts from Down Under

Alex Lahey’s debut album, ‘I Love You Like A Brother’ is a raucous, yet introspective collection of indie-tinged bangers. But she’s not the only great new act bursting out of Australia right now – from Mallrat to Shady Nasty and beyond, the nation is producing some of the most exciting music from across the planet right now.

As she kicks off her UK jaunt, Lahey has detailed some of the best new music coming from Australia – and we’ve been nice enough to stick it in a nifty little playlist below, with a couple of our own picks, for good measure.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘French Press’

Chances are you may have heard of these dudes before as they’re absolutely crushing the European touring circuit at the moment. I completely fell for their EP at the start of this year after meeting them at SXSW. Not only are they putting out some shit hot music, they’re also a ripper bunch of guys who look out for each other and everyone around them. They deserve all the success coming their way.

Gordi – ‘Long Way’

Gordi is a very special artist. This track is the opener of her debut record ‘Reservoir’ and I’ve chosen it as a means to encourage you to listen to the entire body of work. The album possesses a depth of character that encompasses excellent production, super considered instrumental and vocal performances, along with world class songwriting. You know how people talk about chasing the light at the end of the tunnel? Well, this record makes me want to sit down cross legged in the tunnel, slow down and take a minute to enjoy the view. As long as Gordi is making music, the light will always be there.

Stella Donnelly – ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

Stella is from the most isolated capital in the world, but that hasn’t stopped her from being the talk of the town through Australian music circles. She’s a fucking excellent songwriter – the type of songwriter that can stand in front of you with just her guitar and bring a room to silence with her wit, melody and stories. This song is a heartbreaker as it’s so, so real. Stella isn’t scared to tackle the big issues and be a leader, and that is why she should be heard.


Eilish Gilligan – ‘Creature Of Habit’

Eilish is one of my best friends and one of the most hard working, talented musicians I know. Her solo project is nothing most people have ever encountered before and it has been an absolute joy to have watched her start it from scratch and develop it into an extremely considered representation of herself as an artist. Big things are about to happen for E.

Angie McMahon – ‘Slow Mover’

This is Angie’s first ever single and it’s a bloody cracker. I reckon she could be Australia’s answer to Angel Olsen – those crunchy guitars, a voice like honey and balls to the wall songs. She’s tough, she’s funny and she’s unafraid. And she only has one song out! How good!

Ceres – ‘Happy In Your Head’

For anyone out there who thinks emo is dead, you’re wrong and Ceres are here to prove that. This track kicks you right in the guts with its visceral lyrics, insane drum production and perfect guitar tones. I’m really proud to have come up through the Melbourne scene with them and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys.

Waax – ‘Wild and Weak’

Waax are probably the most exciting band in Australia at the moment, in my humble opinion. This track evokes the same feelings in me to when I first encountered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in my early teens and makes me want to rock out. Maria’s voice is so guttural and incredible. Very few people can pull it off and she does to no end.

Holy Holy – ‘True Lovers’

It think it’s only fitting that Holy Holy make this playlist as their guitarist, Oscar Dawson, produced my record. This is my favourite song of their album ‘Paint’. The production is so authentically reflective of the era this song is inspired by, while also being super innovative and complimenting the song so well. Oz’s guitar chops get a work out too – buckle up.

I Love You Like A Brother is out now on Dead Oceans

Catch Lahey live:

Boston Music Rooms, London (November 8)