Alex Winston – The Blood In The Quirky Solo Cred-Pop Stone

I as much as anyone, possibly even more than anyone, had reached a point with quirky young solo cred-pop females where I thought if another one was thrust into my face I’d be left with no other option but to eat my own chin.

Then someone sent me a link to Alex Winston’s Myspace profile.

After getting used to one identikit splurge of lolita stockings and quivering larynxes after another, Alex came as a fantastic reality check.

She was instantly the flyest, frehest, and most importantly, catchiest new artist I’d heard in bloomin’ ages. Plus, she’s devastatingly hot. Kinda like Marina had she been part of the tough gal ‘in’ crowd at high-school, and, had her high-school been on the wrong side of Detroit, not in rural Wales.

She’s been svengali’d by new school cred-pop’s answer to the Neptunes, The Knocks, which came as a bit of surprise. They’ve come up with some of 2010’s heftiest hunks of Bigtime hip-pop (employed by both Rhianna and Flo-Rida), so to hear production that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Best Coast album shows just how talented these guys are…

Below is a brand new exclusive track from Alex, plus her new single ‘Choice Notes’, which is out on The Knocks’ awesome HeavyRoc imprint next month.

Alex Winston – ‘Choice Notes’

Alex Winston – ‘Medicine’