New Music Of The Day: Amber Mark – ‘Heatwave’

Samba-infused pop with a hint of dancehall

Summer might be almost over here in Britain, but New York singer-songwriter Amber Mark isn’t ready to say goodbye to the sun just yet. Her latest single, the sweaty samba-scorcher ‘Heatwave’, is perfect for blazing-hot days spent on the beach – bassy enough to dance to but packing enough soulful melodies to soothe any lazy sunbathers as well.

Musically, it sounds like Major Lazer got their hands on an old Herbie Hancock demo, then asked Rihanna to guest-vocal. Basically, it’s the late-summer banger we need to ease us gently into autumn and serves as the perfect follow-up to Amber’s jazzy debut EP ‘3.33am’, which dropped back in May.

Speaking about the new track, Amber said, “’Heatwave’ is different to anything I’ve written before. It just completely has that feel of summer for me. I wrote it just as it was getting hot here in NYC and we’d just came out of the longest Winter… Play it loud.” 

You heard her…

Heatwave by Amber Mark

Singer-songwriter/Producer Amber Mark. My style is a mix of alternative R&B mixed with a little tribal and topped off with a little soul.