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Angular Shacks Up With Radar – Bumper MP3 Giveaway

Angular Shacks Up With Radar – Bumper MP3 Giveaway

This chap above is called Joseph Daniel (the one on the left). He founded Angular Recording Corporation back in 2003, with Joe Margetts at Goldsmiths College in south east London.

In the (nearly) seven subsequent years, they’ve been the label that has first released: Bloc Party, Klaxons, Art Brut, The Long Blondes and These New Puritans. As well as plowing an inspiring furrow of groovy, envelope pushing artistes of varying degrees of fame and acceptability of haircuts.

Ramshackle Union Band

We can’t seem to crop the above logo correctly. We’ve tried. Sorry Angular.

We love Angular. And if we’re not spectacularly off the mark, they’re heading into something of another purple period next year. With the latest These New Puritans album looming ominously, getting critics’ mouths foaming like no other slated 010 release, latest trip-disco signing E. Gold’s debut single and more fun from the Wet Dog and Gyratory System camps, all is looking sexy.

To celebrate this, here’s a bumper pack of exclusive Angular downloads.

1) These New Puritans – ‘We Want War (SBTRKT REMIX)’ This is the one a whole lotta people have been waiting for. Brutal new dark-step reworking of the new TNP single from London boyo SBTRKT.

2) Wet Dog – ‘The Burry Man’ – Ace b-side to the LDN no-fi grrl trio’s latest anthem ‘Lower leg’.

3) Gyratory System – ‘Yowzer Yowzer Yowzer (DJ Egor Remix)’ – Remix of GS by one mystery man who may or may not be a member of a London DJ duo/collective/troupe. It has a donk.

4) E Gold – ‘Seperate Our Hearts (Furse’s Acid Disco Mix)’ – Remix of E Gold’s debut single by Tomethy Furse of the Horrors

5) The Vichy Government – ‘Make Love To The Camera’ – This is a golden oldy, back from 03 off the first ever Angular compilation. I put it on here cos it was my uni house’s ‘getting ready’ anthem. Proper nostalgia trip for me, a classic for you.


Complaints have flown in about the omission of the above video for Wet Dog’s ‘Lower Leg’. Filmed all on Flip handheld video camera.