Aathens Mark Their Arrival With The Thrilling ‘I Wanna Be A Totem’ (NME Premiere)

Some bands toil away in their bedroom to produce their first taste of music; some have the luck of a studio to introduce themselves to the world. Aathens decided to do things a little differently. With four beta cameras and an empty rehearsal space, the London quartet recorded their debut EP, ‘TVER’ in one take.

The full EP (and its accompanying video) will arrive in October, but right now the group are revealing the very first taste of it, the fearless ‘I Wanna Be A Totem’. Drawing on the post-punk spirit of Protomartyr and Television, Patrick Browne (vox/guitar), Hannah Gledhill (guitar), Jason Jaworski (drums) and Ed Shellard (bass) carve out their space with this decidedly DIY recording style. ‘I Wanna Be A Totem’ is no gimmick though, it’s a thrilling, bullish introduction to a band with the attitude and tools to succeed. Even if that is just a few cameras and themselves.

Here’s what the group had to say about the upcoming EP, out October 14th. “Doing ‘TVEP’ was all about stripping things back as much as possible. We were lucky enough to have a set of old beta cams at our disposal, so we basically wanted to see what would happen if we filmed an EP rather than just recording one – so we hired a space, blacked it out, and shot and tracked the thing live. It’s a kind of puritanical approach.”

Listen to ‘I Wanna Be A Totem’ below: