Au/Ra provides hope and tolerance on uplifting belter ‘Kicks’

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On Friday, Ibiza-born and Antigua-raised singer Au/Ra dropped her second single, the booming and uplifting alt-pop banger ‘Kicks’. Following on from ‘Concrete Jungle’, she refines her ambitious songwriting with a tale of tolerance and acceptance, (“what’s dust to you is gold to me/but we’re just different books to read/where every single chapter/is another cliffhanger”), obviously a much needed sentiment right now.

We caught up with the rising star to see how her upbringing influenced her and the inspiration behind ‘Kicks’.


Being born in Ibiza and raised in Antigua must have quite musical impact on you?

“It definitely did. Both of my parents are in the music industry, and I grew up watching them create music in the studio. My father contributed a lot to the trance/electronic scene, especially in Ibiza, so I was definitely influenced by that. Then when we moved to Antigua, and as I grew up, I became more aware of other genres. That’s where I truly began exploring music.”

What element of those places are reflected most in your music?

“I definitely have many electronic influences in my sound. Ibiza, my brief upbringing there, my father’s music and constantly hearing Kraftwerk influenced my taste in music. Some of those elements definitely surface in my songs. In Antigua is where I got over my stage fright, got comfortable with my voice, and started making my own music. I owe so much to this island – the simplicity yet difficulty of life here has shaped my music with its experiences. Plus, if I hadn’t moved here I wouldn’t even know how to speak English!”

What’s the story behind new single ‘Kicks’?


“‘Kicks’ is really about accepting differences and uniqueness. We all have varied ways of feelings thrills, and the song is mainly about feeling comfortable with that, and owning it.”

Your last video was incredibly ambitious – are you going to try something similar for this one?

“I can’t say anything else than stay tuned.”

‘Kicks’ is out now via Loudmouth Music

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