Backstage At The Drums’ Debut UK Show

Last night The Drums played their first ever UK show. In fact, it was their first show outside of New York state, and only their 20th in total.

We all thought they’d be a shimmery Sixties surf-pop tribute band, turned out not-so. The first few songs were big, bruising Eighties melodrama, and elsewhere it was thunderous New Order/The Cure swooning and rock’n’roll swing-party fun. Boy George came, too.

After I left, I sent my editor this text message:


‘After-thought: an unsigned band of handsome boys with guitars, that sound great, dress great, have more than two songs, can work it live and have a shred of commercial viability. A) the first instance of that I’ve seen since being new music ed, B) a reason for us all to smile :-)’

She replied:


You’ll notice she opts for the ‘sans nose emoticon’. Each to their own…

Here’s some videos from the night:

A live snippet:


Me catching up with George afterwards (check the guy in a sequined jump-suit in the background. He’s George’s pal. He sat next to us on the sofa inside eating Chicken McNuggets and BBQ dip):

And a backstage interview with the band afterwards: