Band Crush – Frankie And The Heartstrings On Spoken Words

Frankie And The Heartstrings’ Frankie Francis reveals his new band tip for 2012, Spoken Words:

There’s a local band in Sunderland called Spoken Words – they’re walking around town looking like the Lost Boys. They’re really young, 17 or 18 but they really love bands like Funny Men, The Chameleons and Orange Juice. They’ve only done four or five gigs, but they’re really cool. They’re doing it, and I’m really proud of them for that – they’re being themselves. I’d love to help them out but because we’re not in Sunderland as much as we used to be we don’t see other bands.

How did we get in touch with them? We always go to this café in Sunderland called Louis’ Café and they worked in there. It’s really old, it’s a really cruddy kind of café. It would be the trendiest place in the world if it was in London and would cost you £17 for a coffee but it’s not, it’s in Sunderland and it costs 70p for a coffee… Anyway, these kids who worked in there and who dressed really cool came up to us one day with a demo and said, ‘Would you mind listening to this?’ We did and it was really cool and different. So I’m excited about them.

Spoken Words – ‘One Vision’

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