Band Crush – Glasvegas On Ren Harvieu

Glasvegas’ James Allan reveals his new band tip for 2012, Ren Harvieu:

I really like Ren Harvieu. When we were recording ‘Euphoric///Heartbreak’ I was asked by our record label Universal if I’d write any songs for her. At the time, things were so mental, but we recorded a little cover the first time we met in Glasgow of Roy Orbison’s ‘Cryin’’, I did that to get a little idea when I met Ren of how I imagined her sounding.

I wrote this other song but we didn’t have time to finish it, a little song I wrote called ‘Neon Bedroom’. It might go on her next album and I might sing it. She’s supported the band a few times and I’m a fan. I’m in awe when I hear her sing. There was a lot of stuff she was into a year ago like ‘The Cat Piano’, the Nick Cave thing, and she was into a lot of old Disney stuff too.

She’s a really unique person in her personality and the way she does thing. On one hand she’s quite shy, but on the other she can be a bit of a hurricane. I’ve seen her sometimes when she’s quite fiery. I think of her like Julie Cruise. She broke her back last year and I got the fright of my life. Now she’s been walking again though, so I guess already she’s had quite a mad time of it. She’s the real thing.

Check out Ren Harvieu on Soundcloud now.

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