Band Crush – Spector On Gabriel Bruce

Spector’s Fred MacPherson reveals his new band tip for 2012, Gabriel Bruce:

There’s a friend of mine called Gabriel Bruce who has just signed to Mercury and has an album coming out next year. He makes really dark, bleak organ music, which when you hear it, you think would mean he’d never get a deal – but he has and he really deserves it, he’s brilliant.

I’ve known him for years, since we were teenagers. He used to be in a band that I played with quite a lot when I was in Ox. Eagle. Lion. Man, and he’s sort of graduated from the University Of Goth with what seems like religiously-tinged kind of church music. It sounds like church musicians who have been drinking from a poisoned well outside of M Night Shyamalan’s The Village. He writes lyrics that I wish I’d written, and will probably try and steal at some point…

Check out Gabriel Bruce on Facebook now.

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