For Fans Of: Acts you’ll totally love if you’re into Daft Punk

It’s been four years since we last heard from Daft Punk. Yeah, there’s been rumours of a tour, for what feels like forever, and sure, they’ve jumped behind the mixing desk for The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ – but new music is nowhere near on the horizon.

So if you’re looking for a set of new artists to plug that gap, look no further. Here are 5 acts pushing the envelope when it comes to your next funky-house pre-drinks playlist. Maybe we don’t need them back after all…


Who: Aussie five-piece now based in Berlin.
Why you’re going to love them: Well, Daft Punk bloody love them. So much so, they showed up at Parcels’ last Paris show and invited the band into the studio. ‘Overnight’ was born, and let me tell you, it’s funky as hell.
Essential tune: ‘Overnight’


Keep Dancing Inc

Who: Parisian ‘80s-inspired trio.
Why you’re going to love them: They’re a crowd favourite in Paris, regularly filling up venues and with new EP showcasing their funky ‘80s soundscape – big things beckon for this trio.
Essential tune: ‘Life Goes On’

Moon King

Who: Detroit-based producer.
Why you’re going to love them: ‘Hamtrack 16’ is one of the year’s catchiest releases – blending Madonna-esque disco bangers with feel-good house anthems. Plus the artwork literally looks like a scene from Tron, which The Robots would no doubt be all over.
Essential tune: ‘In & Out’

Ross From Friends

Who: Producer Felix Weatherall, not David Schwimmer, obvs.
Why you’re going to love them: Weatherall pushes together plenty of classic house influences on his collections, and it’s ‘Crimson’ from his most recent release, that has that underground Ed Banger vibes thing going on. Would sit nicely on ‘Homework’, but still remains distinctly unique.
Essential tune: ‘Crimson’


Shy Luv

Who: Manchester dance duo.
Why you’re going to love them: Spiky guitars, groovy bass and powerful beats – their latest EP proves that they can deftly balance pop, house and R&B. A special talent.
Essential tune: ‘Time’