For Fans Of: 5 rising bands fans of Foo Fighters are going to love

Dave Grohl’s merry band of rockers, Foo Fighters have returned with what maybe their best album in a decade. ‘Concrete and Gold’ is everything you’ve come to love about the band, with just enough to win over new fans, and satisfy your Dad. Ideal!

Here, then, we present the young blood loaded with Grohl’s grungey, loud roots in the DNA of their totally ace material.


Who: Cambridge sibling duo.
Why you’re gonna love them: There’s enough head-banging riffs to go around, but it’s in the lads witty live shows where the self-referential and fun side of Dave Grohl’s early material. Big things are on the horizon.
Essential tune: ‘The Weight’

The Weight

The Weight, a song by Cassels on Spotify

Sheer Mag

Who: Philly’s latest punk prodigies.
Why you’re gonna love them: There’s some serious classic-rock influence on their storming debut album, ‘Need To Feel Your Love’, but their modern twist is why we’ve all gone head over heels for them.
Essential tune: ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’

Pale White

Who: Thumping rock from Georgie three-piece.
Why you’re gonna love them: Falling somewhere between Josh Homme’s groovy riffs, and Dave Grohl’s penchant for a epic crowd-baiting chorus.
Essential tune: ‘That Dress’


Who: Brighton rock quartet.
Why you’re gonna love them: Their live shows are a revelation. Limbs flail and heads bang as leader Theresa whips the crowd up into a sweaty frenzy. Carnage.
Essential tune: ‘Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya’


Who: Filthy grunge from Dublin trio.
Why you’re gonna love them: Perhaps a bit more on the Nirvana side of things, but Fangclub have got the early, grungy spirit down to a tee on their self-titled debut album.
Essential tune: ‘Better To Forget’

Better To Forget

Better To Forget, a song by Fangclub on Spotify