For Fans Of: Emerging acts that Radiohead fans will go totally mad for

Radiohead’s influence on music for the past two decades has been undeniable. In their wake, the band have opened up a path for new bands to push even further, and more unique ground in their material. In 2017, as the band retreat for a hiatus – these totally ace new acts will fill the wiggling Thom Yorke-shaped size in your lives.

Low Island

Who: Oxfordshire five-piece.
Why you’re going to love them: Recent song ‘The Lines’ suggest a band slowly moving down the dancier route – but ‘Just About Somewhere’ was built around catchy guitar riffs and haunting, falsetto vocals. Stunning stuff.
Essential tune: ‘The Lines’

The Lines by Low Island


Who: Alt-rock trio from Leeds.
Why you’re going to love them: Their live shows are phenomenal – and much like Radiohead, glitchy time signatures and synths reign supreme on their material. There’s a slightly more pop element to latest material, like ‘Eyes On The Ground’, but it remains immensely unique and totally brilliant.
Essential tune: ‘Eyes On The Ground’


Who: London-based art-rock quintet.
Why you’re going to love them: Their debut album ‘The Witch’ is a atmospheric and precise arrival for the group – but standout track ‘The Priestess’ sounds like it could hold it’s own on Radiohead’s more daring endeavours, like ‘Kid A’ or ‘Hail To The Thief’.
Essential tune: ‘The Priestess’


Who: London’s indie-jazz collective.
Why you’re going to love them: Upcoming debut EP, is a triumphant blend of indie, jazz and just about every other genre on earth. Much like Radiohead’s latter year material – there’s literally no boundaries on where ALASKALASKA can go from here. They’ll smash it, whatever they do.
Essential tune: ‘Familiar Ways’


Who: Mad Norwegian rockers.
Why you’re going to love them: Anthemic riffs and haunting vocals – the Nordic band’s material sounds like the more feral B-sides of ‘OK Computer’-era Radiohead.
Essential tune: ‘Sommerfugl’

Sommerfugl by SKAAR

From SNØ’s debut album “Mira” (27 November 2015).