BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens Picks Seven New Bands To Love – Playlist

Radio 1 DJ and all-round new music guru Huw Stephens returns with another column about his favourite new acts, penned exclusively for NME…

Huw Stephens: Oh hello. Kiiara‘s track ‘Gold’ is on repeat on my show right now, and from the choppy intro to the slacker R&B beat, it makes for a pretty irresistible three minutes. It has the freshness of when I first heard Lorde sing ‘Royals’, it sounds like it’s a bedroom jam that can equally pack a punch. I look forward to hearing more from Kiiara, who when not making music works in a DIY store. Which is handy if you need some nails or tape…


English band Pesky have a killer track called ‘Keep Me’ that’s another favourite on the radio show right now. I kind of don’t want to tell you they’re 11-13 year olds, as that can immediately make people think there’s a novelty angle to their music. Which, with one listen to ‘Keep Me’, you soon realise there really isn’t.

It’s great to see Society back after teasing us with some great music over a year ago. Atmospheric, frantic and dark with touches of The Walker Brothers’ enormous vocals and Phil Spector era production, I’m hyped to hear more music from these soon.

I love the De Lux album Generation (out on Innovative Leisure Records). Bringing Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem to mind – which of course is never a bad thing – I’ve had the track ‘Oh Man, The Future’ on repeat recently. Mostly about living in Los Angeles (we can but dream), it’s the delivery of the words that knock me out, it sounds so flawless and effortless. It’s proper summer jam music too.


Golden Rules is the new project from London producer Paul White and Florida rapper Eric Biddines. They’ve made a record of natural, funny, funky flows that bring to mind golden era OutKast and sounds like it’s made for headphones travelling on sweaty buses. Mos Def guests on it too, and I’m saying it’s the best new producer/emcee hook up since Danger Mouse recorded with Gemini…

There’s something special about ‘Fall In’, the first track we’ve heard by Pixx. From London, she’s signed to 4AD, which makes sense with when you hear this songs ethereal, sparse and beautiful beats’n’vocals combo. The song builds and builds, takes you on a spaced out trip, and I’m looking forward to seeing her do her thing live. Same goes for Vitamin, a band who I think will be writing some massive pop songs. Their first present to the world is ‘Giving It Up’, which already sounds like an epic.

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