Becoming Real – Losing A Grip

Take the low rent PC ‘soft synths’ of 2003 heyday grime, its skunk-induced paranoia, and the surly cloud that perpetually hung above it. Then yank out all the slo-mo garage breakbeats and stitch in a underlay of glitchy atmospherics and Bob’s your uncle. In fact, no he’s not, Becoming Real is…

Werther’s Original not pictured


Video to new single Jen’s clock

If this has come as a surprise and you’d like to get to know your uncle better, below is a handy fact-file. But before that, download an exclusive new track of his for free: Becoming Real – ‘The Thing’

NAME: Becoming Real ‘esq’

AGE: 20s

LOCATION: Nowhere mostly..

HAIR COLOUR: Natural blonde


HAIR STYLE: Pretty simple forward cut thing, and it’s short around my ears right now. I cut my own hair so it’s normally a bit shaggy in places, but then again I do wear a hat alot these days, I used to have a mohawk when I was younger which was really nice but I probably wouldn’t do that again.

INTERESTS: Wandering around, I’ve been enjoying loitering around the suburbs of London recently, hanging out with my friends, reality, surviving etc…

DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC: It sounds like electronic oil or something, like some shadow or abyss behind what you should be listening to. The songs definitely have this faded relic vibe, as if the song could be a misinterpretation from the future, of what music in the 21st century sounded like. There’s always something blocking the songs becoming fully formed, so they have to take another mutated route in order to exist, but a path that is more like a constantly haunted backstreet than a musical arena.