Berlin-based Lia Lia’s video for ‘Kids’ is a ‘Black Mirror’-esque nightmare

Everything in Spring feels fresh. The newly sprouting foliage, that first can down the park and music, obviously. So it’s no surprise that Berlin-based musician Lia Lia’s arrival in April felt so damn good. Her pop-stomper, ‘Olymp’ showcased an artist with outstanding production chops, all while carrying that all-important pop-star swagger. Fresh as it comes, really.

New song ‘Kids’, is not really like that at all – but that’s a good thing. Opting for icy synths and heavenly vocals, Lia showcases a calmer, more in control side of her artistry on this synth-pop triumph. That’s all set against her sci-fi influenced video, which is pitched somewhere between the uber-creepy 2001: A Space Odyssey and Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. Watch the video below.

Lia Lia’s ‘Kids’ is out now