Big Cat’s lush pop sounds like a lost record from one of your favourite ‘70s heroes

As we launch NME Emerging – a platform where unsigned acts can build up and manage a profile page for their music, right here on NME – we’ll be shining a light on of the new profiles each week that stood out against the rest. If you sign up, you could end up right here on, just like this week’s pick, Big Cat. Here’s what you need to know about them.

From: Brighton

For fans of: Harry Nilsson, Lemon Twigs, Father John Misty

Sounds like: A lost record from one of your favourite ‘70s singer songwriters.

Why you’re going to love them: Judging by last year’s albums, it would have been easy to mistake 2017 for 1977. Father John Misty’s opus, ‘Pure Comedy’ had all the hallmarks of a stunning singer-songwriter record classic from that era, and the Lemon Twigs upped the bombastic Wings-esque ante with their EP ‘Brothers of Destruction. Rest easy, because 2018 is going to sound a little bit similar if Big Cat are anything to go by.

A Thousand Times

A Thousand Times, a song by Big Cat on Spotify

The Brighton pair are brothers, just like the Twigs, and follow similarly in the avant-garde nature – but there’s a softness to Henry and John Tydeman’s recent song ‘A Thousand Times’. Hooked around melancholy piano chords, they pair gorgeous melodies and heart-aching lyrics with sparse and eerie production. The flipside of that record, ‘(Somehow) I Still Think Of You’ offers a more playful side, with twinkling ivories and psychedelic vocals that make you feel like it could launch into ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ at any moment.

(Somehow) I Still Think Of You

(Somehow) I Still Think Of You, a song by Big Cat on Spotify

Big Cat are getting ready to step into the future, but willing to make a knowing nod to their inspirations. They’re on the prowl and you best not stand in the way.

Best track: ‘A Thousand Times’