Billie Eilish on her five favourite new artists right now

As the world waits for Billie Eilish’s debut album, there’s plenty of ace new music to get stuck into to tide you over. Being the ever-helpful bodies that we are, we asked Billie for her lowdown on the new artists she’s digging right now. Here’s who she’s tipping for greatness…


Who: British rapper who contributed vocals to Billie’s recent single ‘Bury A Friend’.

What Billie says: “I feel like he’s not real, like he doesn’t – his brain is just like way ahead of people, that like people  don’t understand it in a way cos he’s just completely on another level. Crooks is higher.”


Listen to: ‘Woof!’

Tierra Whack

Who: US musician who dropped her stunning 15-minute debut album ‘Whack World’.

What Billie says: “That bitch goes crazy. Oh my god, she’s so dope, bro. She has an album that’s 15 songs, and the album is 15 minutes long. Every single song is exactly a minute long. That’s genius. It’s like, when I listen to music, I never listen past a minute, like ever, it’s like a thing. People hate it about me, but it’s true. So with her stuff, it’s like you play it all, and there you have it.”

Listen to: ‘Hungry Hippo’

Kiah Victoria


Who: LA-based songwriter who has collaborated with Jessie Ware on her last album ‘Glasshouse’.

What Billie says: “She has a song called ‘Ornament’ I’ve never heard anything like that song. Her lyrics, crazy. Production is insane. Her voice is crazy. Her flow is crazy, like she’s such a doll – she came to one of my shows and we just like hugged forever. She’s dope.”

Listen to: ‘Ornament’

Dominic Fike

Who: Florida rapper and singer whose 2018 breakout single ‘3 Nights’ landed radioplay and chart placings worldwide.

What Billie says: “That is the baddest kid I’ve ever met in my life. I think he’s slowly getting the recognition it deserves, so I’m pumped about that, but I think it needs more even. Even if it’s like, the biggest, even if it gets fucking huge, it should get huger.

Listen to: ‘3 Nights’

Billie Eilish

Who: Well, duh.

What Billie says: “Her new album, that’s dropping soon is fire. She sent me the whole album. She told me about all the videos she’s gonna make, and all the artwork and just she played me everything, and just wait for that album. That album’s gonna be crazy.”

Listen to: ‘Bury A Friend’