“Wait ’til the world is mine”: Billie Eilish plots dominance on ‘you should see me in a crown’

On her debut EP, Billie Eilish was still finding her place in the world. ‘Ocean Eyes’, her viral single, entranced the world upon its release back in November 2016 and the resulting EP last year, ‘don’t smile at me’ demonstrated her affinity for sublime pop music and modern hip-hop.

Despite the heady beginnings, she still felt like there were people hanging on her coattails. ‘copycat’ hit out at the watered-down Billie wannabes with a brooding pop anthem: “copycat trying to cop my manner/Watch your back when you can’t watch mine.” Her new single, ‘you should see me in a crown’ proves that there’s no one quite like Billie right now.

It’s her first solo single of the year so far, following collaboration with ‘lovely’ with Khalid – and she’s not playing nice anymore. Kicking off with some mumbled vocals and a melody that sounds like the most sinister nursery rhyme you ever heard, Billie’s sending for everyone. “Wait ’til the world is mine/visions I vandalize,” she warns before referencing her dreamy break out hit – “Cold in my kingdom size/fell for these ocean eyes”.


The chorus is where the bite matches the bark – the thumping bass slithers menacingly and Billie delivers the prophecy that will almost certainly be fulfilled; You should see me in a crown/I’m gonna run this nothing town.

Welcome, our new pop overlord.

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