Billie’s Life Lessons – LA Shark And Somersaults In The Bedroom

17-year-old writer Billie JD Porter passes on the sage-like learnings she’s garnered each week, as she combs through the mangled mess of shindigs and hoohahs that is the ‘new music scene’. Then shits all over it.

Lesson 1: Don’t judge a band by its MySpazz.

LA Shark are a New Cross five-piece who combine sounds reminiscent of the Eighties ska revival – lots of organs and eccentric vocals – with an indie-prog edge, which is almost Mystery Jets-esque.

The band played at ‘Be’, a club night at Camden’s Proud Galleries in support of The Victorian English Gentlemens Club. They mesmerised the entire audience with a performance that oozed more energy than Shakira when confronted with a firm mattress (see below).

Recorded, however, the band just don’t seem to deliver the same punch (at the moment anyway) which is a huge shame, seeing as I would go as far as to describe them as one of the most memorable live acts I’ve seen this year. Should I go out more?

Lesson 2: Bedroom acrobatics is so in right now.

This blog might give the impression that I go out a lot or make at least a slight effort to keep my finger on the pulse.

The truth is that I only find out about new music from, like, Vodaphone adverts. On top of this, I fell ill towards the end of last week and spent a lot of time on YouTube, watching Shakira’s video for ‘Did It Again’ on repeat, trying to recreate the somersaults and flips. Didn’t really work out. My skills (or lack of skills) aside, this is another amazing song from Shakira, with another amazing video. I feel really aroused right now.