Black Honey Stream Exclusive New Track ‘Mothership’ And Talk NME Through Life On The Road

Brighton act Black Honey are our New Artist Of The Week currently, and whoa boy have we got a bonanza for you today.

Not only do we have a brand new track by the band as an exclusive – the sublime ‘Mothership’, aka the B-side to their ace new single ‘Corrine’ – but we’ve also convinced frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips to talk us through a load of pictures from their recent endeavours – from festival fields to the tourbus (and back again).

Here’s ‘Mothership’:

And here’s the photo diary. All of the shots below were taken by Antonia Marsh and Charlotte Patmore, all the words are by Izzy.

1. HONEYZ HANGOVER- the movie (PG) coming to a theatre near you.

2. No expense spared on today’s dressing room.

3. Chris musing over the days Tottenham score.

4. Delirium + carlsberg = tour lyf

5. We found David Lynch’s playground

6. Antonia [Marsh] introduced us to the wonderful Slaves.

7. We fanboy’d the Dandy Warhols and Tommy did a happy cry.

8. This is the time of day when Izzy has to do a tequilla nap and Chris and Tom
both start to believe they are gangstas.

9. When everything breaks on your first festival main stage. Ohhh shiiiii

10. Luckily Izzy was sufficiently labelled in the lost and found tent.

11. As if we all had reclining chairs in this dressing room.

12. Tommy models his finest chops to date!

13. She’s only playing make believe.

14. “Quick Tommy! Send for help I can’t figure out how to put my Jumper on!”

15. HONEYZ – taking sofa surfing to new levels since 2015.

‘Corrine’ and ‘Mothership’ are available on a limited run of pink vinyl, to be sold at Black Honey shows and on the band’s online merch store at