Meet Blushes – the indie heroes that’ll be tearing up festivals this summer

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Buckinghamshire-based indie-rockers Blushes make an eclectic first impression. Their debut EP, last year’s ‘Private Viewing’, was a scatterbrained introduction, hopping from soaring psychedelic passages to twinkly guitar-pop in seconds, proving that this Aylesbury four-piece have the songwriting nous to tackle any genre they fancy. It’s new single ‘Honey’ that cements their potential, though. Fusing electropop melodies to the jagged, British indie sensibility of bands like The Smiths and Foals, it’s a concoction that slips down like a fruity cocktail on a summer’s day.

Songwriter and frontman Bradley Ayres teamed up with co-vocalist and keyboardist Tiffany Evans, guitarist Sonny Ford and drummer Jacob Price with the aim of expanding his vision and “stepping away from trying to be Ed Sheeran,” he says. It worked: Evans’ love of “strong female singers” such as Christina Aguilera and Britney found a home among Price’s heavy metal-inspired drumming, before Ford began adding his noodling guitar lines atop it all, creating a sound that never settles. “There’s a meeting point, but musically we’re all very different people,” Ayres says. “‘Honey’’s almost, like, hip-hop-influenced.”

Despite hammering out shows across the south of England over the last year, it took a bit of time for the band to truly find their groove. “It properly takes some guts to be able to own the stage, I think,” says Evans. But there’s no sign of hesitation when Blushes hit the stage. Ayres and Evans exchange vocal duties like a tennis rally, while the fusion of Price’s powerhouse drumming and Ford’s laser-guided guitar work makes for a captivating sight. With numerous sold-out shows under their belt, Blushes’ confident indie bangers are perfectly primed for those fast-approaching, sun-kissed festival fields. Miss them at your peril.

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Based: Aylesbury
Social: @dontmakemeblushes
Buy: New single ‘Honey’ is available to buy and stream now
Live: The Waiting Room, London (Feb 21)

Photos: Zoe McConnell
Make-Up: Lou Box
Styling: Koulla Sergi
Hair by VO5 Ambassador: Paul Donovan