Boogarins Build Dreamy Psych Webs In ‘6000 Dias’ (Video Premiere)

Hailing from the Brazilian city of Goiânia, Boogarins unravel their psych gems in Portuguese. Where with other bands that might create a language barrier with fans unfamiliar with the lingo, it just adds to the sense that the quartet inhabit some far-flung, exotic other dimension.

‘6000 Dias’ is one of the highlights of their second album ‘Manual’, released last week on Other Music. The record’s full title is apparently ‘Manual, ou guia livre de dissolução dos sonhos’ – ‘Manual, Or A Free Guide To The Dissolution Of Dreams’ in English. This track, like those that surround it on the album, is like stepping into a vivid dream: full of guitar lines that are woozy, hazy things, before growing in strength and building into a vibrant tangle that wraps itself around your ears.

The accompanying video isn’t quite a dreamscape, but it follows a similar trajectory. It’s a tour diary of sorts that begins by following the band as they travel across the States – through rolling country fields, New York streets and cacti-filled deserts. Then, like the song, it tumbles and swells, performance shots layered with scenes from an art exhibition and the glare of bright lights. The whole thing closes on, first, a shot of the sun setting over calm waters and then, frothing waves crashing against each other. It’s a pretty neat summation of the band’s two modes of attack.

‘Manual’ is available now on Other Music. Keep an eye on Boogarins’ Facebook page for future live dates.