Brew Records And Radar Get Cosy (All Kinds Of Exclusives/Premieres)

I first met Simon and Thomas (the ones in check shirts in the middle, below) from Yorkshire Label Brew when they were running a show-and-tell-type stall of their wares at a gig at Leeds’ Brunell Social Club back in 2008. It was pretty early days for them then, but the first few bits they put out were lots of clanging, dirgey fun. The kind of thing when you’re in sixth form college you dream of forming a label just to put out in as haphazardly DIY way as possible.

Sub Pop don’t do this…

Though I mainly just loved them because of their logo/name:


NB – this is flipped horizontally and badly cropped. Thanks again photo uploading system!

As I watched them from the bushes, before long it became evident that all the scattershot enthusiasm and big ideas were evolving into actual real life decent music.

They’re amassing a line-up of bands now that looks to breathe new life into a flailing Leeds scene.

What’s so good about Brew is that it completely disproves the snide Lancashire theory that Leeds culture is just based on aping whatever goes on in London.

From the mangled sax-flecked quasi-doom of These Monsters, to the belligerent avant-din of Kong, the unhinged propeller-core of Chickenhawk, or the act that really made me sit back and go, ‘what the holy fucking christ is this?’ Castrovalva. Who, as I mentioned in last week’s mag, sound like an unfriendly liason between Liars and Lil Jon on the Yorkshire Moors at about four in the morning.

Basically, they’re responsible for a right bloody racket, and I’m all for that.


Brew have given us shitloads of great stuff for you. So sit back, wince a bit, and enjoy.

Let’s kick-off with the premiere of Castrovalva’s new video for ‘Donut’.

Then what about these exclusive downloads:

Castrovala – ‘Donut’

These Monsters – ‘Call Me Dragon’

Catsrovalva – ‘Pump Pump’

Chickenhawk – ‘Dude-A-Tron’

Kong – ‘Sport’

And lastly, here’s a recap of some old vids:

Lastly, all these bands have albums out and are on tour soon. So check their sites and get on it.


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