Brooke Bentham’s new EP is a warming listen for these brutal winter mornings

South Shields talent Brooke Bentham has just released her new EP, ‘This Rapture’, a collection of touching folk-tinged ballads and powerful pop numbers. A warming listen for icy mornings, for sure.

To celebrate, Bentham gave us the lowdown on the EP’s story and how she got to this point.

This Rapture

This Rapture, an album by Brooke Bentham on Spotify

When did you start writing your EP?

I started writing the EP around December last year. I wrote ‘Have To Be Around You’ then, but didn’t really start the rest of the songs until around February-April. ‘Losing, Baby’ wasn’t actually supposed to be on the EP. It was just a shitty voice memo of a song I’d written a few weeks before the studio and we recorded it one night and it just worked – so that was cool.

What’s your favourite song on the EP and why?

It changes a lot, it would’ve been ‘Losing, Baby’ cause that was still fresh. We’d never played it at a live show and it was exciting. I’m not really sure if I could pick just one. I like the ending of ‘Have To Be Around You’, I like the lyrics of ‘If I Was Dead’, but I really like ‘Why We Fall’ as a whole song. It’s pretty simple on the whole but it’s very personal.

Who were big influences growing up?

Bon Iver are always gonna be one of my favourite bands. Their second album is my favourite album ever, it’s like its own little world. When I was around 16 I got really into Yo La Tengo’s album ‘Painful’. I love that song ‘Nowhere Near’, the lyrics are so good and so simple – it made me realise lyrics don’t have to be super poetic – they can just be really forward and true and still be great.

I grew up on a lot of Phil Collins, I couldn’t tell you if he’s one of my influences though. I recently got introduced to Liz Phair and I love her. The album ‘Exile In Guyville’ is just perfect 90s rock, the vocal melodies, and the guitar and the piano. God it is so good.

If you weren’t making music – what kind of job would you be doing?

I like the idea of working with animals. I wanted to be a vet when I was little but I’m squeamish, so it’d probably be something to do with music that isn’t being a musician. If I can still go to gigs three or so times a week and have it be work that’s pretty nice isn’t it. It would have to be something creative, I’m not cut out for the serious stuff.

What’s been your favourite album of 2017 so far?

There’s been some really great albums this year, like Big Thief, but the one I’ve played the most is Aldous Harding’s ‘Party’. I liked it when I first heard it, but then I watched her live and it just transformed. She is really enticing, and dark and I love songs I can get lost in like, Horizon and Blend. It is just such a brilliant collection of work.

The Rapture is out now