Meet the six brilliant new artists on the Brooklyn Sound gig series lineup

Heading to Brooklyn Brewery x NME Present Brooklyn Sound? Here's everything you need to know about the huge lineup

In partnership with Brooklyn Brewery 

If you’re a New York-based music lover with a keen eye on the brightest and buzziest new acts, make space in your diary for the Brooklyn Sound gigs throughout October and November. NME has partnered with Brooklyn Brewery to launch the revival of their live music series, where hype is truly cemented: since its inception in 2018, Brooklyn Sound has supported renowned local artists such as Ho99o9, Lightning Bolt, and Sunflower Bean through its events.

The latest iteration of the series will continue to champion homegrown talent, and spotlight the diversity of the subcultures that exist within New York. Between October 12 and November 2, six hugely exciting new artists will perform in front of dedicated music fans at Brooklyn’s most beloved intimate venues. Tickets for all shows will be free and will feature surprise giveaways from Brooklyn Brewery, and you can RSVP now via the ticket links below.


Sounds good? You bet it does. Here’s our guide to the fantastic Brooklyn Sound lineup…

Infinite Coles

Who: An innovative and pioneering figure in NYC’s world-famous nightlife scene
For fans of: Solange, Jai Paul, Blood Orange
Watch out for: This achingly cool R&B artist grew up around drag balls, the underground LGBTQ+ subculture that birthed voguing, a highly intricate type of dance. Since then, he’s taken the lessons in emotion and relationships he’s learned from the dancefloor, and churned them into bangers. It’s no wonder that Princess Nokia and Sampha are fans.
Where to catch them: Elsewhere, October 12

Nation Of Language

Who: Brooklyn trio ushering in a new age of romantic, beautifully crafted synth-pop
For fans of: LCD Soundsystem, New Order, OMD
Watch out for: After spending the past few months touring their stellar second album ‘A Way Forward’ – which received five shiny stars from NMENation Of Language’s joyous, life-affirming gigs have proven why they’re one of the most dynamic live bands to emerge from New York in recent years. Trust us, you need to experience this band’s magic IRL.
Where to catch them: Elsewhere, October 12

Sarah Kinsley

Who: DIY-minded pop star with songs that pack a real emotional punch
For fans of: Robyn, Lorde, Jacob Collier
Watch out for: As a current student at New York’s renowned Columbia University, Kinsley has honed her intricate production skills; she sneaks in man-made sounds such as knocking on wood and tapping on glass into her soaring tunes, which bare her most intimate feelings. She’s also an exuberant live performer – expect a night of pure dancefloor catharsis.
Where to catch them: The Bell House, October 25



Who: New York-raised collective proving just how vibrant the city’s music scene is
For fans of: Rex Orange County, Tom Misch, Leon Bridges
Watch out for: This band of vocalists, producers and multi-instrumentalists have been friends since they were teenagers, and now they are making their hometown sound a lot more cosmic with their lively, transcendent indie-pop. With slick choreography and bursts of improv, the six-piece’s live shows are as equally colourful as their music.
Where to catch them: The Bell House, October 25


Who: Dynamic vocalist and producer reviving New York’s gnarly, mid-00s’ indie sound
For fans of: The Strokes, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Watch out for: Rebounder is the project of Dylan Chenfield, who is deeply inspired by the wave of artists that exported the Lower East Side’s swagger to the world at the turn of the millennium – and now wants to bring back that sound. He’s hellbent on going straight for the heart with his scuzzy, riff-driven singalongs, proving that his mission is already underway.
Where to catch them: Union Pool, November 2


Who: Fearless visual artist aiming to take rap in a brilliantly weird direction
For fans of: Rico Nasty, Doechii, M.I.A
Watch out for: CLIP is the musical equivalent of an adrenaline rush. The alt-rapper’s music videos are meticulously arranged yet brimming with energy, and you can hear that same attention to detail on her recent debut EP, ‘Perception’. Her power lies in her versatility, which can see her flit between screams and mile-a-minute raps, giving way to music that’s truly fresh and ambitious.
Where to catch them: Union Pool, November 2


RSVP to Brooklyn Brewery x NME Present Brooklyn Sound:

Nation of Language and Infinite Coles – Elsewhere (October 12) – get tickets here

Michelle and Sarah Kinsley – The Bell House (October 25)get tickets here

Clip and Rebounder – Union Pool (November 2) – get tickets here

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