Brother – Are They The New Indie Raygun?

“Whether they like it or not…” This whole video is pretty special

Brother played what is known as a ‘buzz gig’ last week at The Flowerpot in London. ‘Buzz gig’s are like normal sold-out shows, except everyone in the audience that might actually contribute something to the atmosphere of the evening is replaced by a ‘blue-faced’ 40-something chap/chapess occasionally glancing up for their Blackberry.

They came onstage and before they’d played a note announced, “Anyone in here who’s not ready to hear the future of music, leave now!”

So are Brother the future of Brit-pop -let’s be fair, the tunes are pretty catchy- or are they the next example of a surreal self-parody fawned over by a blue-faced major label A&R brigade that are so far removed from the proverbial pulse, that they, well, they sign bands like this:

And spend this kind of money on them:

Is it all a postmodern excersize in rock’n’roll satire? Are they the shmindie Die Antwoord? Hmmm… My head hurts.

I’ll leave you with Brother’s bizarre ‘sexeh’ promo video for ‘New Year’s Day’, possibly directed by somone from Front magazine:

I’ve really no idea what they’re trying for here, but whatever it is, it’s maybe trying too hard. There’s one shot where the punky girl’s boob creeps into shot, and it looks like the loneliest breast in the whole world.