Buzz Playlist Of The Week – Hear 18 Brand New Tracks

Philadelphia outfit Cheerleader are our Buzz Band Of The Week in the current issue of the magazine (January 25). They’ve actually been mentioned briefly in the mag before, ages ago, but have been quietly working on their sound back home for god knows how long. They re-emerged in early January as a fivepiece and with a batch of SoundCloud songs, the best of which I think is ‘Do What You Want’. Play it if you rate New Order at their early 90s best.

Also included in this weeks list are Vancouver Sleep Clinic (actually from Brisbane), Brighton newcomers Fake Laugh (who recall The Lemonheads a tiny bit) and France’s Le Vasco, who’ve found a fan in Jehnny Beth of Savages. We also stuck ‘Lawman’ by Girl Band in there too as it’s doing so well this week.

Play all 18 tracks below and pick up the mag now to read about ’em.