Explore the great outdoors in Caleb Kunle’s soothing ‘Seul’ video

Last year, we busted our gut listening to all your music for the Emerging Artists Project. Like, absolutely everything you lot sent in. But only one person could win, and it happened to be Caleb Kunle.

The Irish musician won us over with his brand of ethereal R&B, which came with a tasty pop twist. Now he’s gearing up to release the video for ‘Seul’, which featured on his debut EP ‘Eden’. Here’s what he had to say about the song and its video:

“I wrote ‘Seul’ while have a sabbatical period living with my family in rural Ireland. I had been pondering the theme of being alone yet not feeling the sadness from being alone. To me, the song is an anthem from self-love, a call to listening to your truth, be that to be alone for a while.”


“The video [shot by Jess Newby-Vincent, Frankie Markot, Theo Tennant] idea came up whilst discussing with the creatives that put the video together, we choose to show a character in isolation, admiring visions of an Oasis, yet never being there.

We went with surreal landscapes and simple techniques to convey the simple pleasures that can occur when alone and content.”

‘Eden’ is available everywhere now

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