Calling All Unsigned Bands – How You Can Get In NME

So for the eleven people on earth that haven’t seen it yet, here’s the full warts’n’all interview that made Ray Gun the most talked about band of the past 24 hours, for, well maybe not the reasons they slaved over a sweaty practice room in hope of… It is basically a lesson for any new band in exactly step-by-step what to avoid saying in an interview:

Bless their cotton socks. The only thing thing they miss out is, “We only make music for ourselves, if anyone else happens to like it then that’s a bonus.”

The irony being that Ray Gun will probably have busier gigs than ever before because of this, well, at least for the next week or so, until they inevitably disappear into the big black swirly, bottomless hole of clueless A&R’d major label investments, oh is that Palladium being vaporized over by that quasar in the distance…