Caro share mind-melting video for art-rock corker ‘Lick Your Lips’

Leeds band Caro have shared a mind-melting video for their new track ‘Lick Your Lips’ – another electrifying art-rock wonder. We caught up with singer Adam to get the lowdown on the single, the video and what comes next.

When did you write the song?


I wrote it sporadically, spread out over a while. I started writing it while I was cat sitting for our drummer, Bryn, while he was at Glastonbury a while back. Then it got to the mixing process where I got it down to our friend Hugo’s – where we mixed on this big lake, in this crazy big beautiful place near Cambridge. I hadn’t finished the lyrics yet and he had this raft that he built when he was a teenager, so I went and sat on a raft for a couple of hours and tried to finish it off.

What’s the song about?

Having it coming from different spots it sort of changed what it was about from time to time, and then what tied it together was that feeling of not knowing what you’re talking about. Mainly, inconsistency and the subjectivity of your own opinions changing and not being able to find consistency.

Talk us through the video for ‘Lick Your Lips’…

The director Nicholas Delap, had this Xbox connect scanner, I don’t know what he’d done, some tech wizardry. We just stood frozen and he scanned us with that thing, did all this crazy shit with it, it was really cool. It was really easy. He would probably disagree, he put in a lot of gruel afterwards, but for us it was pretty easy.


What are you guys working on at the moment?

We’re collecting songs at the moment, just working towards things. I’ve always, I don’t listen to EPs a lot. Usually when I listen to music I like to listen for half an hour at least so I’ve always wanted to go straight to an album but it’s undecided at the moment whether we’ll go straight for the album or do an EP first.

You’re a band of three – I also saw that two of you are keen skateboarders, are you one of the keen skateboarders?

I’m one of the keen skateboarders. To be honest, I think I’m the only keen skateboarder now because on our last tour Andy dislocated his shoulder three days into the tour. We were playing tennis, we’d had a great morning playing tennis, we were leaving to go to the gig and there was this big hill, Andy was like “Wouldn’t it be great if we go down?” I go down, he goes down behind me, I get to the bottom and look back up and he’s sprawled out on the floor, he’s dislocated his shoulder. So we had a bit of a nightmare because we still had the rest of the tour to do but we had our rigging engineer Hugo who stepped in at very short notice and was able to do it.

Who’s someone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m a big fan of St. Vincent’s album ‘Strange Mercy’, and the producer, John Congleton, I really like what he did with those albums and his attitude and approach to things. I think he’d be an interesting perspective to get on things and someone good to work with to push things further and just open your eyes to things that you couldn’t see potentially.

Caro will play:

Stereo, Glasgow (Feb 28)
Night & Day Café, Manchester (Mar 1)
Flapper and Firkin, Birmingham (2)
Sound Basement, Liverpool (3)
The Crofters Rights, Bristol (6)
The Lexington, London (7)
Boileroom, Guildford (8)
Prince Albert, Brighton (9)
Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (10)