Chapel Club – Meet The Moody Brooders Everyone’s Throwing Pennies At

Chapel Club are the smoldering noir-rock quintet that have defied anything that’s going on in the music industry, or the outside world for that matter, to literally have comedy sized sums of cash thrust vigorously into their faces.

The gossipy stories surrounding their impending deal are a case of uncanny White Lies deja vu, and the music isn’t a world apart from theirs either. Of course, like all bands that follow the hallowed, seemingly inexhaustible lineage of Joy-Division-via-Interpol, they must deny at all costs liking any of those bands whatsoever.

If this band don’t get massive in the next 12 months, expect to read a news footnote about a major record label announcing significant canteen/security staffing cut-backs by this time next year.

I sent NME legend Dan Martin down to chat to the chaps from the band. He managed to get almost a whole interview done before the memory on the camera ran out. Good work Dan. How can you stay angry at that gentle Manc lilt though…

Here’s an exclusive free track to download, so together we can all join cyber hands and reinforce just how bizarre the concept of massive record contracts is in December 2009. It’s called ‘All The Eastern Girls’ (click the name to download)