Cherry Glazerr Are The Teen Tearaways Taking LA By Storm

“People are like, ‘What the fuck kind of band are they?!’” laughs Cherry Glazerr singer/guitarist Clementine Creevy when trying to describe the band’s gleefully schizophrenic sound down the phone from their Los Angeles base. “I think we try and steer clear of genre, we’re a hodge-podge of sounds and feelings, but we like having that confusion,” she concludes. It’s this curiosity and innate appetite that’s also made Cherry Glazerr – completed by drummer Hannah Uribe and bassist Sean Redman – the most accomplished “young band” in America.

In 2011, aged 14, Creevy started recording demos, with the newly gigging band attracting the attention of cult US slacker punk label Burger Records just 12 months later thanks to a series of buzzy online tracks dubbed ‘Papa Cremp’. “We got a lot of hype even though they were just some crappy demos,” says Creevy. “So we thought, ‘Holy shit, we need to get better before we put anything else out.’” So they did. Next came 2014’s lo-fi debut LP ‘Haxel Princess’ and superlative standalone single ‘Had Ten Dollaz’ – a sultry-yet-ballsy strut that effortlessly swooped its way into NME’s Tracks Of The Year list last year.

During this period, the band also teamed up with fashion giants Saint Laurent – soundtracking their runway shows and modelling for the label (“It’s chill, but it’s more of a platform to promote the band than it is a career that I want to pursue,” Creevy shrugs when asked about where their priorities lie).

Musically, she cites everything from Talking Heads to Bette Davis (“she’s a funk queen and a bad bitch”) to Sade as influences, while revealing her lyrics are informed by “feeling like you’re growing up too fast” and “the instant gratification that comes from social media”.

Latest track ‘Sip ’O Poison’, meanwhile, is the most out-and-out punk thing the band have ever recorded. Full of shrieks, screams and the best feedback this side of The Horrors’ early material, it bodes well for their forthcoming second album, which is due out in early 2016. “We have a lot more experience under our belt than others our age,” Creevy declares. “We feel fucking super-lucky.”

BASED Los Angeles
FOR FANS OF Sunflower Bean, Speedy Ortiz
BUY IT NOW ‘Sip ’O Poison’ is out now on iTunes
SEE THEM LIVE London Garage (July 23), London Barfly (24), Leeds Brudenell Social Club (25)
BELIEVE IT OR NOT Creevy is adamant that people in LA are “fucking obsessed” with Elliott Smith and David Bowie: “Elliott Smith is from here, but David Bowie… I guess it’s easy to just get on board”