Courts explain how they find inspiration in their ‘culture-less’ hometown of Basildon, Essex

At the beginning of last year we got to know Courts, the rising Essex band who effortlessly blend indie, pop, grime, disco and more into their dizzying material. No wonder it’s become a favourite of surprisingly on-trend tastemaker, Elton John. They spoke briefly about what it was like growing up in a ‘culture-less’ town of Basildon in mid-Essex:

“It hasn’t really got an identity. It’s just one of those classic set-ups. It’s a new town and there’s not much culture, there’s not much history. I suppose it is influenced a little where we’re from, but it’s more of that cliché thing of growing up in a shitty town, ‘we want to get out of it, we’re doing music to get out of it’”

Now, the group have gone more in-depth on their hometown in this Isle Series documentary produced by Distiller TV, in which the five-piece show us around their hometown, explain how they find inspiration in the area, and invite us into their studio space for a delightful session of 2015 song ‘Wanna Be High’. Watch both below.

Watch ‘Wanna Be High’:

Produced by The Mahogany Sessions  //  DistillerTV