Cuckoolander recruits Charli XCX and Vampire Weekend members for triumphant pop debut

Getting your pals to help out with a new release is always a good laugh – but for Cuckoolander, her mates are perhaps a notch ahead of everyone else’s. On her debut EP, she’s got ex-Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij to help produce it if that’s not enough, the whole thing will be released on Charli XCX‘s Vroom Vroom label. Not bad.

It’s no real surprise, mind. Cuckoolander, aka Holly Hardy, met Charli by featuring in her backing band. “I wrote and recorded my first EP alongside playing bass for Charli XCX. While we were on tour, Charli and her tour manager Wilkie were basically the first people to ever hear my music,” Hardy said about the music. “I was over the moon that Charli liked it and took me under her wing to help me release my music.”

It’s a fabulous introduction to Hardy, and hints at more pop magic to come. Watch the video for ‘Crazier’.

Crazier is out now