Dead Pretties take aim at herd mentality on chaotic debut single ‘Social Experiment’

The London trio have recently supported the likes of Drenge and The Orwells

Dead Pretties are deranged. That’s what you’ll be left thinking after watching them live, at least. Frontman Jacob Slater is a wild-eyed, unpredictable presence – magnetic, unhinged and chaotic as his face contorts into unnatural expressions while he bundles around (and off of) whatever stage the London trio are gracing, be that the intimate comforts of venues like Brixton Windmill or opening for bands like The Orwells or Drenge in spaces far bigger. 

You might not be able to see that exhilarating performance as the band’s debut single, ‘Social Experiment’, blares out of your tinny laptop speakers, but there’s more than a suggestion of disorder to things as Slater’s jagged guitar strums tumble unsteadily over each other, and rhythm section Oscar Browne (bass) and Ben Firth (drums) as if on the precipice of collapse.

What makes Dead Pretties really exciting, though, is something more – a knack for being able to distill the good, the bad and the ugly of the world we’re inhabiting right now in sharp social commentary. “All the girls and the boys went to parties in disguise,” the frontman rasps on ‘Social Experiment’, railing against the herd mentality that sees his peers willingly compromising their identities just to fit in. That he sounds like his vocal cords have been singed to sinew by the blaze of a thousand Marlboro Reds only adds to his scorn.



‘Social Experiment’ is released on February 10 via Nice Swan Records. Pre-order it here and catch Dead Pretties at the following live dates:

London, Omeara (January 28)
Leeds, Headrow House (February 4)
Brixton, The Windmill (16)
Manchester, The Castle (March 11)

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