Diagrams goes back to physics class in new video for ‘I Tell Myself’

Sam Genders' new album Dorothy is out tomorrow

Diagrams, aka Sam Genders, has just shared a mind-bending new video for ‘I Tell Myself’. Directed by Ewan Jones-Morris –who’s behind similarly wacky videos from John Grant and Stealing Sheep – this one’s full of molecular models you probably haven’t seen since your GCSE physics class.

“I’m a huge fan of Ewan’s videos,” Genders said, “so it’s been a real treat to work with him. The song is partly about accepting all those millions of thoughts and perceptions that move through our consciousness from moment to moment. The video is full of colour and light and has that sense of everything constantly changing.”


Diagrams’ new album ‘Dorothy’ was written with Washington State poet Dorothy Trogdon, who’s in her 90s, and ‘I Tell Myself’ was one of the first poems she sent over. “My initial impression,” Genders says, “was that I loved the line: ‘This morning rain makes a mirror of the pavement, lovely shards of sky and light’. That line drew me to want to use the poem for a song, as did the fact that I could imagine myself in the narrator’s position, struggling with those questions of the mind and its imaginings. I feel that the message here is that you can sometimes ease your suffering by observing the world without reacting to or intellectualising it. That’s a battle I occasionally win and it’s a special thing when it happens.”

See the tracklist for ‘Dorothy’ below ahead of its release tomorrow (May 12) via Bookshop Records:

  1. Under The Graphite Sky
  2. It’s Only Light
  3. I Tell Myself
  4. Everything
  5. Motherboard
  6. Crimson Leaves
  7. Wild Grasses
  8. Winter River
  9. Under The Graphite Sky (poem)