Diamond Rings – When Indie Gets Pop Just Right

Diamond Rings is a very tall lad from the Toronto suburbs called John O’Regan, and he’s just wonderful.

He wears funny make-up and denim jackets and spandex leggings and high top trainers.

‘Wait And See’

He’s best friends with Katie Stelmanis, who I think is just swell too.

He makes pop music full of tension, trepidation and heart. It’s pretty much the best thing we’ve heard all year.

‘All Yr Songs’

From his production, styling and Sebadoh covers it’s not hard to see that he has a real indie background. But whereas so many of the current deluge of du jour indie band attempts at *classic pop* chorus sculpting come off sounding limp, trite, and well, the worst of both worlds, what Diamond Rings does is just unfathomably right in every which way.

Being the doll he is, he’s given me the MP3 download exclusive of his debut single ‘Wait And See’. It’s my favourite that I’ve heard of his so far, so I’m chuffed.

Oh, and if anyone fancies seeing me and John have a chat (of sorts) that’ll be here.

Diamond Rings – ‘Wait And See’ (click name to download)