Disclosure – Future Garage’s Fountain Of Youth

When Radar first heard London duo Disclosure’s debut single ‘Offline Dexterity’ -somewhere between the blue-lit glare of sexytime techno, and the corner shadows of dubstep’s latest chapters- we dug the hell out of it, sure. But assumed that underground club sounds as svelte and stern as this must be crafted by some faceless 37-year-old studio casualty, who sleeps in the same salty-looking Mahirishi army cap he’s had since 1998 and owns Issue One of Jockey Slut. When we found out it was two brothers, aged-15 and 18, well, we got all a-fluster. Something tells us good times lie ahead for Howard and Guy Lawrence. The lads kindly gave us a new track to premiere.

They think they look cool, and, well, they really do
Click here to download: Disclosure – ‘London Town’